Several English activities in Jabal Rahmah Mulia

In Jabal Rahmah Mulia there are several activities those students do in their daily life. For example, as shown below

 The first one is SPEECH

Speech is one of the routine agendas in Jabal Rahmah Mulia. Speech is held every Friday and Saturday night, speech is started on Saturday night where each class has several speakers who will present their speech. Then the LC (Language courts) team will judge based on the main points, and one of the best speakers will be taken from each class to present their performance on Friday and it is judged by English coordinator. This activity is usually in the corridor before or after Asr time.

The second is STORY TELLING

In Jabal Rahmah Mulia, one of our English programs is Story telling, we  have a story telling agenda on Monday and Saturday morning. In the story telling agenda, there are mc and story teller. At first, the mc will open the agenda. Then, mc will call the story teller and the story teller will tell a story about motivation, fairy tales, or about their self . after that, the story teller will call one of the students to answer one question. In Jabal Rahmah Mulia ,story telling is useful to improve public speaking skill and increase your own confidence.

The third is VOCABULARY

After murajaah time, Jabal Rahmah Mulia is having an English programme at night called Vocabulary. Vocabulary is an activity carried by Jabal Rahmah Mulia students to hone their pronunciation in English, increase their knowledge in english vocabulary, and talk in English easily. This activity is assisted by the LC team and supervised by musyrifah. And we do this activity with groups based on each class.

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